Workplace Wellness Programs

Health Fair Week includes:

Virtual consultations with our practitioners

Lunch N’ Learn Webinars

Popular subjects include:

Stress management

Nutrition and weight loss

Sleep disorders

Yoga Class

Fitness Class

Special Price: $750.00*

*Regular Price: $1,500.00

A La Carte Services:

Yoga Classes: $250

Duration: 1 hour

Up to 100 people

Fitness Classes: $250

Duration: 45 minutes

Up to 50 people

Lunch N’ Learn Webinars: $375

Duration: 1 hour

Up to 50 people

Get Connected to Our BodyWorks-Certified Practitioners

Our Health Experts Are Just a Click Away.

We want to make sure that we provide your company with the best medical attention and service possible. This is why we certify every practitioner that we work with with our team of independent health consultants.

Know that when you work with a Bodyworks certified practitioner that you are working with the best.

TeleHealth technology is bringing certified medical providers to answer your health questions and provide expert-opinion.

Our Medical Practitioners and Counselors who specialize in holistic and traditional medicine:

Medical Services: physicals, blood testing, COVID-19 antibody testing, stem cells testing, allergy testing and more…

Chiropractic and Pain Management

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Physical Therapy

Dental Services




and More…

To get connected to the right expert for your questions, please take a moment to complete a short wellness survey or contact us for booking.