We all know that what we eat affects our health: it can help improve our energy levels, maintain a healthy weight and even prevent and manage chronic diseases. That said, sometimes it can be so overwhelming to figure out where to begin! At Bodyworks we believe in eating for life and we want to empower you to make healthy choices for yourself! 

We partner with registered dietitians and nutritionists who cut through the hype and conflicting information around food and supplements to help you identify what works best for you! Our live and on-demand nutrition webinars cover topics such as:

  • Easy Dietician-Approved Recipe Demos
  • Eat for Life
  • How the Bacteria in Your Gut Effect Your Health
  • Eat to Boost Your Immunity
  • Meal Planning and Prepping Tips
  • Diet Myths Debunked
  • How Your Diet Effects Your Mood



1 Webinar

Treat your team to a stimulating, customized hour of learning for the low price of

2 Webinar Package

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Take advantage of savings and explore topics that will deliver results.

2 Webinars + Cooking Demo Package

Give your team customized nutritional tools and ‘know how’ they can can really use!

Eat For Life Package

Choose between: 4 webinars and a cooking demo or a 6 week supervised nutrition program.

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Still have a few questions? Bodyworks is a boutique company that is proud to offer a customizable experience. We would love to hop on a complimentary Discovery Call with you to discuss our Nutrition Webinars and other offerings.

Looking for some motivation and personal attention?

 In addition to our webinars we also offer one-on-one nutrition counseling with registered dieticians and integrative nutritionists so you can learn about your individual needs, risk factors, and the type of diet and supplements that best support your health goals. Our partners will utilize an integrative and functional approach to help you design a personal and sustainable nutrition plan. 

Depending on your needs and goals, you can take advantage of:

  • Genetic testing to assess your risk of certain health conditions and your body’s response to different foods and nutrients
  • Food sensitivity testing to identify specific foods that cause digestion, skin, thyroid, or fatigue issues
  • Resting metabolic rate testing to determine your calorie and macro-nutrient needs
  • Body fat analysis to track the changes in your body as you work on diet and fitness
  • Personalized meal plans, with healthy recipes and time-saving tips