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Create a culture of health and engagement with our innovative solutions for a healthier, more productive team.


Why BodyWorks For Your Health?

Boutique Service

Personalized and dedicated Wellness Guides are there for you every step of the way.

Affordable Pricing

Uplift your employees while meeting budget constraints.  Save even more with our Wellness Membership Program.

Custom Plans

We understand that every company is unique. Choose what fits your culture or employee preferences.

Access to Top Local Practitioners

Give your employees access to our network of local, top-tier wellness practitioners.

Onsite and Virtual Options

In-person, virtual and hybrid options to ensure maximum engagement and impact.

Comprehensive Approach

From on-site fitness to virtual nutrition workshops: we cover all 6 dimensions of wellness.


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Our Services

Corporate Chair Massage

Bring fun and relaxation into the office. Employees enjoy short, rejuvinating on-site chair massages to relieve stress and boost morale.

Employee Appreciation Days & Team Building

Recognize your employees and celebrate milestones and accomplishments with our tailored Employee Appreciation Packages. We help you deliver an experience your staff will love.

Health Fairs and Onsite Services

Support your employees with engaging and informative health fairs that promote a proactive approach to well-being. Want to make your team’s life easier? We can schedule health and wellness practitioners to come onsite regularly, from manicurists to nurse practitioners.

Online Educational Programs

Recognize and respect the diversity of your team with virtual or onsite DEI speakers or tolerance and inclusion workshops. Support your virtual team’s well-being with live, online chair yoga classes they can join at lunch.

Wellness Membership Program

Empower your team with comprehensive well-being services and events. Our membership program is cost-effective for providing fun, support, and services throughout the year.


Hear From Our Customers

Discover how our boutique approach can reduce turnover, boost productivity, and enhance teamwork in your workplace.


Our Programs Foster Health Across Six Dimensions of Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

Promoting balanced, informed eating choices. Fueling the body with the right nutrients and understanding dietary needs helps make healthy eating an enjoyable part of daily life.

Physical Wellness

Prioritizing health through fitness, nutrition, and preventive care. An active lifestyle improves overall health and prevents disease.

Emotional Wellness

Nurturing a healthy mental state, and emotional resilience. Enhancing emotional intelligence and managing stress effectively helps individuals and teams foster a positive outlook to navigate life’s challenges.

Financial Wellness

Providing tools and guidance for financial stability and success. Building financial security and confidence helps individuals make informed decisions for a stable financial future.

Social Wellness

Encouraging strong, meaningful relationships and a supportive community. Emphasizing the importance of teamwork, communication, and empathy creates an environment where employees feel connected and valued.

Spiritual Wellness

Exploring and deepening the connection to one’s values, beliefs, and purpose to enhance inner strength and connection.

Discover how our boutique approach can reduce turnover, boost productivity, and enhance teamwork in your workplace.