Bring Out the Best in Your People with Bodyworks For Your Health’s 1:1 Services

Our exclusive 1:1 services provide your employees with personalized support for their unique health and wellness needs. We connect them to top-rated practitioners for customized services. Avoid stress and burnout and support your people’s well-being through personalized 1:1 services from Bodyworks For Your Health.

Why Choose Our 1:1 Services?

Personalized Approach

Craft a well-being plan that aligns with your team’s unique needs, ensuring they receive personalized attention and care.

Top Practitioners

Partner with Bodyworks-approved practitioners in various fields, guaranteeing expertise and excellence in every session.

Health Insurance Integration

Seamlessly utilize your company's health insurance to offer 1:1 sessions, making well-being accessible to all employees.

Flexible Modalities

Choose from in-person or virtual sessions, providing flexibility and convenience to your team members.

How It Works



We’ll work with you to understand your employees’ well-being needs through an initial discovery call.


Practitioner Matching

Personalized matching with top-tier practitioners based on individual requirements.


Session Scheduling

Easily schedule in-person or virtual sessions at a time that suits your employees.


Insurance Integration

We seamlessly integrate our 1:1 Services with your company’s health insurance (where applicable) for a seamless experience.

Transform Your Workplace
well being today

Take the first step toward a healthier, more productive workforce. Empower your team with personalized well-being solutions from Bodyworks For Your Health. Contact us to discuss your company’s unique needs and unlock a new level of employee well-being.