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Programs and Services

At Bodyworks, we know that we all grow at different rates, in different conditions, and to different end results. We find the beauty in that difference and help your team find their personal path to a more complete wellness.You can pick from our array of offerings to create the perfect custom program!

DEI Keynote Speakers

When DEI is seen as a strategic initiative, it strengthens the foundation of your culture: YOUR PEOPLE. Diverse teams who are motivated and productive because they feel seen, heard, and valued. This is how you create a Culture of Belonging.

Health and Educational Talks

Our carefully crafted series of courses and workshops build upon one another to bring moments of education and growth directly to your team.

Corporate Chair Massages

Bodyworks’ Most Popular Offering! Our certified massage therapists will bring 10-minute chair massages directly to your employees. Sometimes a small break can go a long way.


Healthcare can be overwhelming at times, and often we do not know where to start looking for the help that we need. At the Bodyworks Health Fair, we connect your employees with a panel of experts across the medical field.

Employee Appreciation Days

Employee Appreciation days are prime, morale-boosting opportunities for employee recognition that goes beyond the usual celebration of a promotion or specific milestone.

Self Defense Classes

Defense classes are one of the finest activities to improve focus, discipline, fitness, and confidence. These classes progress from awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and avoidance to basic self-defense participation.

Team Building and Social Workshops

Passions, fun and social interactions are an often overlooked part of one’s wellness. At Bodyworks, we can help you develop programs that engage your employees’ hobbies, passions, and personal interactions.

Pamper Yourself Spa Day

Our talented and qualified professionals can help minimize your employees’ stress and increase work productivity by offering treatments of our luxurious and pampering services such as chair massage, manicure and pedicure, Spa day for wellness programs.

Corporate Wellness Subscriptions

This subscription will keep your employees engaged one a consistent weekly and monthly basis, incorporating our time-tested, mind-body approach to supporting your employees wellness journey. One off events do little to engage employees and only provide a quick fix.

Consultations with Our Wellness Partners

Bodyworks’ long history with medical practitioners allows us to provide your employees with access to highly respected practitioners in many medical fields including chiropractors, physical therapists, mental health professionals and more.

Personal Development Course

Take your training to the next level and tailor new learning paths and build true people development. Explore life’s questions and discover how rewarding and impactful personal development can be.

Live Meditation Breaks

With the Bodyworks Meditation and Mindfulness Series, our specialists will guide your employees through a series of workshops that teach life-changing meditation and mindfulness techniques.

All our programs are customizable and we can work with your team to design the perfect program for your employees.

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Why It Works

You might ask yourself, why should you provide an ongoing wellness program for your employees?

According to the APA, only 43% of US employees report feeling that their work-life balance matters to their employers.🌟

Gallup found that over 50% of US employees report that they feel unengaged at work, often due to stress.🌟

Miscommunication can have monetary and productivity consequences – in fact studies show that employees can lose 8 hours a week in correcting for errors brought on from miscommunication! Workshops improving communication skills can make a monumental impact on the efficiency and stress in your office. 🌟🌟

With our programs, we’ve seen higher levels of employee engagement than ever before, which can help increase productivity and creative growth and lower rates of absenteeism in employees. In addition, increased healthcare accessibility and points of education and awareness have been proven to lead to insurance savings for companies. 🌟

🌟 Milenkovic, written by M. (2022, January 7). 42 worrying Workplace Stress Statistics. The American Institute of Stress. Retrieved February 25, 2022, from

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Bodyworks Worldwide

Bodyworks is proud to have served a tremendous volume of people in New York City, the tristate area and beyond!

Bodyworks is expanding and providing services onsite and virtual across the globe.

We have served:

• New York
• Los Angeles
• Miami
• Chicago
• Atlanta
• Dallas
• London
• Luxembourg
• Belfast
• India

+ we are still growing!

Bodyworks Team

All bodyworks certified professionals and staff make up a diverse team which we are proud of.