Boost Employee Satisfaction
and Team Engagement

Unlock your workforce’s full potential with our comprehensive, tailored programs that create a positive, productive workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent.

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Our Tailored Wellness Solutions

Position your company as a leader in employee satisfaction and team cohesion. Our tailored services offer practical solutions to your core challenges, from reducing turnover to boosting productivity. We help you create a culture of support and collaboration.

On-Site & Virtual Services

Ignite team synergy through wellness webinars, vibrant health fairs, customized team-building activities, rejuvenating spa days, invigorating fitness classes, and more. Learn More

1:1 Services

Enhance workforce well-being with personalized sessions, in-person or virtual. Leverage our expertise, connecting employees to top practitioners in chiropractic, mental health, and more. Learn More

Wellness Subscription

Our Wellness Subscription is an annual plan customized to support your employees while they enjoy exclusive benefits. Our subscription model delivers substantial savings to you. Learn More

SIx Bodyworks Advantages


Boutique Service

Our personalized support helps you craft ideal solutions for your staff.


Customized Programs

We can customize services to meet your employees’ needs and organizational objectives.


Flexible Service Models

Choose from in-person, virtual, or hybrid formats to ensure maximum participation.


Budget-Friendly Programs

Our competitively priced programs enhance employee well-being on budget.


Expert Practitioners

We use the finest practitioners to ensure unparalleled service and care for you and your team.


Comprehensive Approach

Our programs address six dimensions of wellness to provide a comprehensive strategy for employee health and happiness.


Why corporate wellness matters

1/ 0
1/2 of all workers experience burnout
0 %
87% of people consider wellness options when choosing an employer
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Over 80% of people enrolled in wellness programs say they enjoy their jobs

6x roi

Companies with wellness programs see a 6X ROI
9/ 0
9 out of 10 companies offer at least one wellness incentive

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