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Bodyworks for your Health is a corporate wellness entity that designs programs aimed at increasing employee engagement, health, and wellness. Our personalized approach allows us to fully customize our employee wellness programs to fit the specific needs of each of our clients. 

Bodyworks’ hybrid model offers both onsite and virtual services including but not limited to: health fairs, corporate massage days, wellness workshops, fitness classes, mental health education and more! We incorporate fun challenges and raffles into all of our events to promote team building and employee engagement. We are a one-stop shop for all employee wellness.

We pride ourselves on being community-focused with an emphasis on personalized service. We are corporate wellness reimagined.


How it Works

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Programs and Services

At Bodyworks, we know that we all grow at different rates, in different conditions, and to different end results. We find the beauty in that difference and help your team find their personal path to a more complete wellness.You can pick from our array of offerings to create the perfect custom program!

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion button12 - Month Program

The best way to engage your employees and benefit your workplace is to provide programming on a consistent basis.

One-off events do little to engage employees and only provide a quick-fix. Consistency is key.

The 12-Month Program is a one-stop shop for employee wellness.

Our programs cover physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health plus a fun array of challenges and rewards to keep your workforce motivated.

Check Out a Sample 12 Month Program HERE

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonWebinars & Workshops

Our carefully crafted series of courses and workshops build upon one another to bring moments of education and growth directly to your team. Your mental, physical, emotional, social and financial wellness are like any other kind of muscle – they require consistent training and attention in order to be properly nurtured. Our Webinars and Workshops dive into a specific topic or skills. This includes topics such as diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, ergonomics and best practices for working from home, and more.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion button6 Week Mental Fitness Course

People are starting to become aware of just how important mental fitness is to establishing work/life balance, productivity, and overall management of stress. It takes time to develop and implement new strategies and understanding into your daily life, which is why Bodyworks has created a 6 week course, in which leading experts in the mental health field can guide you through coping mechanism, advocacy, and the science behind mental fitness.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonCorporate Chair Massage

Bodyworks’ Most Popular Offering! Our certified massage therapists will bring 10-minute chair massages directly to your employees. Sometimes a small break can go a long way. Help your employees relax and recenter during a busy work day.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonHealth Fairs - Virtual and Onsite

Healthcare can be overwhelming at times, and often we do not know where to start looking for the help that we need. At the Bodyworks Health Fair, we connect your employees with a panel of experts across the medical field. Past vendors have included chiropractors, sleep specialists, physical therapists, medical aestheticians and more!

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonFitness Classes - Virtual and Onsite

Movement and mobility are very important to maintaining your health. Bodyworks offers virtual and onsite classes of all fitness types and levels.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonMeditation and Mindfulness Series

Meditation and mindfulness are skills that can be developed to help you become more grounded in your day to day life. There are many benefits to meditation, including better sleep, more energy, and feelings of restoration. With the Bodyworks Meditation and Mindfulness Series, our specialists will guide your employees through a series of workshops that teach life-changing meditation and mindfulness techniques.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonSocial Events and Clubs

Passions, fun and social interactions are an often overlooked part of one’s wellness. At Bodyworks, we can help you develop programs that engage your employees’ hobbies, passions, and personal interactions.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonGroup and One-on-One Coaching

Bodyworks has access to a range of qualified experts who can offer group and individual coaching to many of life’s struggles, including weight management, nutrition, and mental health.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonConsultations with Practitioners

Bodyworks’ long history with medical practitioners allows us to provide your employees with access to highly respected practitioners in many medical fields including chiropractors, physical therapists, dentists, medical aestheticians, mental health professionals and more.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonBodyworks Engage Membership

Bodyworks has created a unique Engage dashboard for individuals and corporations. Employees can access on demand videos, live programming and courses. Members will receive points, rewards and badges for completing courses and challenges. They will have options to join specific interest group communities and clubs: • Food and Wine Club • Book Club • Film Club • Music Club • Photography

All our programs are customizable and we can work with your team to design the perfect program for your employees.

Transform Your Workplace

The largest problem corporate wellness programs have is low employee participation.
Many corporate programs collect metrics, and analyze data. This is important, but meaningless unless employees and companies are truly engaged.
At Bodyworks, biometric health is not the sole factor of a healthy lifestyle. Instead, we believe that “Wellness” is the complete realization of a person.
We achieve our goals by providing education, life coaching, health screenings, and social activities as part of our programming.

The Bodyworks Pillars of Wellness

Mental Health is important for developing strategies and skills for dealing with stress, keeping our brains healthy and staying positive. Even without clinical diagnoses, people can find themselves confronted with anxiety and depression, especially in light of an increasingly volatile and unstable world. Working on your mental health, from a psychological and physiological perspective, can help you shift your mindset and regain your sense of mental fitness.
Mental Health
Every body is different and needs or wants different things. However, a general understanding of mobility, physical health, and how to stay active within your own goals is important to keep your body working for you. Physical health is not only about working out, but what your muscles, bones and joints require to keep you going. We care about your physical health from you skin to your cholesterol.
Food is the fuel you give your mind and body. At Bodyworks, we believe that it is just as important for that fuel to taste good as it is to be good for you! There is not one size fits all in how to eat, but with a vast amount of information, you will be better armed to find the fuel that works best for you.
Almost 50% of Americans report that they feel tired during the day, 3 to 7 days a week. Sleep is foundational to a healthy lifestyle and a productive day and yet so many of us do not know how to prioritize it! Learn the impact sleep can have on your body, mind and productivity and strategies to help you have a restful sleep.
Emotions and social connections can be difficult to understand and to establish, especially when we are either isolated by circumstances or busy trying to meet deadlines. However, emotional health is important in not only feeling centered within ourselves, but maintaining healthy relationships with family, friends, and even colleagues!
Bodyworks believes that health isn’t just about numbers, but about enjoying life and finding new ways to explore your creativity and personal development! It’s about finding your inner balance.

The Bodyworks Membership

Coming in 2022

Our membership is a Health and Wellness, Lifestyle Dashboard platform designed to increase employee engagement and turn your wellness program into a consistent and fun pathway to better health! Employees log on to their individual Bodyworks Dashboard and see a welcome message, team announcements, challenges, upcoming live events, and their favorite on-demand webinars and fitness classes!

In need of something you don’t see listed here? Ask us! We can customize any program!

Learn more about our Bodyworks Memberships or Book a Single Event or Event Package.

The Bodyworks Method

After more than a decade in the healthcare industry, working closing with HR  and providing a variety of wellness services to corporations, we came to the conclusion that a better solution existed. To achieve growth, an organization needs to have programming that adequately equips its workforce so individuals can grow as people. If you do not know your people, you will not grow. Our mission is to identify individual passions and inspire them to personal growth.


Nicholas Spezio

Price Waterhouse Cooper

Thank you so much for putting on the event today, it received rave reviews and everyone is super happy and that’s due to you and your excellent team. Thank you again for everything!

Rachel Fischer

The Association to Benefit Children

My co-workers are still coming up to me saying how wonderful it was and how much they appreciated it. Thank you for the lunch and the smoothies.

Christina McGlinchy

Ann, Inc.

We just wanted to say thank you for the Bodyworks For Your Health event. We really appreciate your help with our St. Jude Children Research Hospital Fundraiser. Looking forward to working with you again.

Heather Frascella


Thank you to the Bodyworks team! The office thoroughly enjoyed the massages and smoothies. It was so well received that we would like to consider options for another event for our staff. Thank you, again!

Why It Works

You might ask yourself, why should you provide an ongoing wellness program for your employees?

According to the APA, only 43% of US employees report feeling that their work-life balance matters to their employers.🌟

Gallup found that over 50% of US employees report that they feel unengaged at work, often due to stress.🌟

Miscommunication can have monetary and productivity consequences – in fact studies show that employees can lose 8 hours a week in correcting for errors brought on from miscommunication! Workshops improving communication skills can make a monumental impact on the efficiency and stress in your office. 🌟🌟

With our programs, we’ve seen higher levels of employee engagement than ever before, which can help increase productivity and creative growth and lower rates of absenteeism in employees. In addition, increased healthcare accessibility and points of education and awareness have been proven to lead to insurance savings for companies. 🌟

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