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Integrating Traditional Wellness Programs with Modern Lifestyle



Use our Health Fairs, Webinars, and Membership portal to provide the access and education your employees need to grow their Health and Wellness.

The largest problem corporate wellness programs have is low employee participation. Most of these programs collect metrics, and analyze data. This is important, but meaningless unless employees and companies are truly engaged. At Bodyworks, biometric health is not the only factor of a healthy lifestyle. Instead, we believe that “Wellness” is the complete realization of a person. We achieve our goals by providing education, life coaching, health screenings, and social activities as part of our programming.

Our Mission is to fuse together the traditional corporate wellness program with modern lifestyle for unmatched levels of employee engagement.

The Bodyworks Membership

A Bodyworks membership is more than just a series of exercises to do or a grocery list to purchase. It is a community. Open to corporate teams and individuals looking to reinvigorate their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, the Bodyworks Membership finds new ways to engage our members every week – with live webinars on a variety of topics, weekly newsletters with timely tips, tricks, and news updates, as well as a growing library of on demand content so you can fit wellness into your schedule. We believe that education and knowledge is the key to making any long term wellness changes stick and we want to help you lay that foundation. In addition to webinars and classes on physical fitness, nutrition, mental fitness, and general health, Bodyworks also engages its users passions and social wellbeing through specialized clubs.

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