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Bodyworks For Your Health is a Health Tech national brand committed to providing employees with engagement tools to
enhance their productivity.


Bodyworks knows the difficulties of maintaining healthy habits in a world that is fast-paced, competitive, and constantly ‘online’. However, prioritizing health- physical, mental, emotional and social health- is vital to being more productive, more creative, and more satisfied. At Bodyworks we believe that knowledge is power. By understanding the why of healthy habits, a person is more likely to integrate them into their lives. Using technology and individual custom plans, Bodyworks provides a service like no other company, creating content and programs that target all facets of wellness!


Wellness for every workforce

No matter your role, you can be the one to bring joy to your office. Implementing regular wellness days into your organization will produce a happier, more inspired workforce.


Low key and stress free

We take care of everything you need for a successful and fun event. Then you can sit back at your desk and relax – we’ve got it from there!


Making a difference

Countless employees suffer from work-related issues such as poor posture, back pain, neck pain, and headaches – discomforts that can contribute to low employee productivity. The secret to having a workplace where employees are motivated, inspired, and energized is to show them how much you appreciate their hard work!

Bodyworks designs custom programming for the purpose of employee engagement and produces quality content available at your employees’ fingertips, in order to engage them on a multi-tier wellness journey.

Our team values hard work, integrity, and passion above all else. That is why we have a hand in personally creating and approving all content that reaches a Bodyworks client. So we can personally vet the value of the information we are sharing.

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