You’ve no doubt heard all the rage regarding CBD and its retail products on the market, such as high-quality CBD oils. The most incredible aspect of CBD oil is its healing properties and ability to provide relief without the psychoactive “high” from traditional marijuana; there are no psychoactive effects.

Combining massage therapy with CBD oils have proven effective to provide further relaxation and relief for patients. Here are several healing benefits CBD oils are proven to deliver:


Curing Acne

The National Institutes of Health recently conducted a study revealing a positive impact on acne treated with CBD. The study suggest the CBD oil acts as an “anti-acne agent” due to reducing inflammation, dryness and soreness on the infected areas.

Massage therapy is known for stimulating cell renewal in addition to the healing effects of CBD oils.

Aiding Insomnia

More than 70 million people in America suffer from insomnia. CBD oil has come to the rescue of many, enabling the ability to receive a restful night of sleep. Although CBD does not provide a sedating effect as many believe, it actually creates a mild alertness.
People who suffer from sleep disorders use CBD to regulate the overtired brain, which provides a balancing effect that allows for a restful night’s sleep.


Neuroprotective Protection

National Institute on Drug Abuse studies suggest a positive connection between CBD and providing neuroprotective properties. CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation, which is extremely helpful for those suffering with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkin’s disease and stroke victims.

The CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory courier by reducing the amount of inflammation. Reducing the inflammation thwarts the worsening of the neurodegenerative symptoms patients experience.


CBD oils have promoted anti-anxiety effects in many clinical trials according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In regard to public speaking, trials showed a reduction of anxiety in the speaker when subjected to the anxiety trigger.

CBD also improves the diminishing of traumatic memories which are known to induce the “fight or flight” syndrome when projecting a reoccurrence of the event. Traumatic memories and PTSD go hand-in-hand with anxiety. Combining with massage will vastly increase the calming effects.


Remedy for Substance Abuse Disorders

In several clinical trials, CBD has provided a therapeutic relief delivering similar effects, such as morphine, to people suffering from addiction. When combined with massage, it additionally diminished the “seeking out” period an addict experiences when they are craving the drug.

*If you are taking prescribed medication, please consult with a professional before switching to CBD oil or a combination of treatments.

Victor Egbuna

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