Unlock Savings and Start Well-being With Bodyworks For Your Health's Comprehensive  Wellness Membership Program

Our transformative annual subscription takes employees on a journey toward optimal health. We work closely with you to create a customized plan that comprehensively supports your people across the 6 dimensions of wellness. Give your team the edge to thrive personally and professionally all year long.

What Sets Our Wellness Subscription Apart?

Comprehensive Approach

Our subscription model addresses all 6 dimensions of wellness

Customized Plan

Together, we create a comprehensive well-being plan that aligns with your company's unique culture.

Big Savings

Enjoy exclusive benefits and substantial savings as part of our subscription model, making well-being cost-effective and rewarding. 

Boutique Support

Benefit from dedicated support to ensure the seamless integration and success of your wellness program.

How It Works

Crafting Your Comprehensive Plan


Needs Assessment

Our journey begins with a comprehensive needs assessment to understand your team’s unique wellness requirements


Tailored Plan Creation


Interactive Onboarding Session

We host an engaging virtual or on-site onboarding session to introduce employees to the subscription model, explaining the range of services and exclusive benefits they can expect.


Individual Health Profiles

Employees will out individual health profiles, which allows us to further tailor their well-being journey.


Regular Check-ins

Throughout the year, we have scheduled check-ins, ensuring continuous support and adjustments to the plan as needed.


Quarterly Progress Reports

You receive detailed reports outlining the impact of the wellness program.


Ongoing Support

Our dedicated team addresses questions and provides support throughout the year.

Empower Your Team With Comprehensive Well-Being

Move toward a healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce with Bodyworks’ Wellness Subscription. Contact us today to get started.